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UP-FRONT ... I want to offer unsolicited praise to
for the OUTSTANDING service in supply of information and resources.
It is rare in our industry today to have such freely available, prompt and helpful service as that which has been supplied by EXIDE staff.

FURTHER UPDATE !! (asat July 1999)


User Manual for the DELTEC PowerRite Pro and PowerRite Pro II UPS's
WARNING: These are large MS Word 97 documents in PKZIP format
DELTEC PowerRite Pro User Manual
DELTEC PowerRite Pro II User Manual
Management Software
A free upgrade is available from the Exide site.
According to the Exide representative I have been corresponding with, it is freely available from the following URL and does not require an original version to be installed first.
For a copy of the latest version of LANSAFE & FAILSAFE software which was originally shipped with these units, visit this URL LANSAFE/FAILSAFE

I have put the User Manuals for LANSafe & FailSafe III, a blurb sheet, late release notes and the installation guide up here now.
Exide supplied them in PDF and TXT format.
LANSafe/FailSafe III Manual (213kb PDF)
Blurb sheet (345kb PDF)
Late release notes (15kb TXT)
Installation (4kb TXT)

Management Cable
WARNING ! Do NOT use a standard serial cable
for the power management connection !!!
These are the pin-outs as supplied by Exide

DB9-Male --- DB9-Female
(UPS) ------- (Computer)
. . 1 --------------- 3
. . 2 --------------- 2
. . 4 --------------- 5
. . 6 --------------- 7
. . . . . . . . . . . . /--- 4
. . . . . . . . . . . . \--- 6
- drain wire ------ shell

These are the Pin-outs as reported by one of Murray's friends
Here are the pinouts that I have reconstructed from one of the cables which came with the UPS's.
I have no idea if these cables work or not, but this is what the connections are like in the cable.

The cable is a Male DB9 to Female DB9 cable with 4 wires and a shield.
The male end goes to the UPS, the Female end to the host computer.

. . . . . . UPS ----------- HOST
. . . . . . (Male) -------- (Female)
Signal -- Pin ------------ Pin
. . RX . . . 1 ------------- 3
. . TX . . . 2 ----------/--- 2
. CTS . . . . . . . . . . . . \--- 8
. GND . .. 4 ------------- 5
. DCD . .. 8 ------------- 1
. RTS . . . . . . . . . . . . /--- 7
. .. RI . . . . . . . . . . . . \--- 9
SHIELD . Shell -------- Shell

Pins 2 & 8 are connected together on the Host side.
Pins 7 & 9 are connected together on the Host side.
All the other pins on both ends of the cable are missing so can be ignored.

I think the signals are correct, they are from the standard 9 pin serial cable pinouts.

Cables may be purchased from
Queensland Cables and Connectors for $16.15 +22% tax

Batteries may be purchased from
JAYCAR may have the cheapest pricing for batteries - HOWEVER - see my experience with cheaper brands
JAYCAR - 12v 18AH
JAYCAR - 12v 7AH

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*** APC 600 TECH INFO ***

User Manual for the APC Smart-UPS Model 600
APC Smart-UPS 600 User Manual

Software for the APC Smart-UPS Model 600
APC Smart-UPS 600 PowerChute Plus for Win98/WinME
APC Smart-UPS 600 PowerChute Plus for WinNT/2000/XP

APC Smart-UPS Model 600 Data cable for use with PowerChute software.
The cable is a Male DB9 to Female DB9 cable with 3 wires.
Signal--Pin-------------- Pin
RX . . . 1 <-------------- 3
TX . . . 2 --------------> 2
GND . 9 ---------------- 5

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To submit a question or technical tip to the forum please click this animation

Murray has reported ...
"My cable worked. I was able to manage the UPS and do tests. I was also able to get statistics out of it."
I have also found this to work satisfactorily (Colin)

Feedback re cable design
Hi Colin, Just a bit of input - I made up the second cable as per Murray's friend and it appears to work fine in failsafe 3. John D'Archambaud

One reported problem has been low output voltage
One user has reported a low output voltage from their UPS (nominal 220-230 vac)

I had suggested that this may be overcome by choosing alternate settings for the nominal input voltage.

I have since set up one of the UPS's for myself and found that my UPS spent large periods of its time in "reduced" output mode which results in about a 225-228 vac output.
I noted that it was dropping into "reduced" mode every time the input voltage went above 245 vac.
Since my nominal input voltage was 238 - 242 vac, it was frequently above 245 vac and therefor the output was running in "reduced" mode. I reset my UPS for a nominal input of 240 vac instead of 230 vac, (switches 1 & 2) and instantly the output began tracking the input almost perfectly. See the graph of before and after in this MS Word document.
Low UPS Output Fix. (MS Word document 28kb)

Ross has reported the Exide is now Powerware

LOGO.gif - 11217 Bytes

Exide Electronics is now Powerware. All Exide Electronics web sites are being discontinued. is now is now

Feedback re battery life (of units bought in 2001)
Feedback from a number of you who bought the Deltec 1400 UPS's in the last batch of 2nd hand units, is that there is about a 40% failure rate of batteries within the first 12 months.

Latest Information

Powerware is now EATON Electrical Inc
8609 Six Forks Road
Raleigh, NC 27615,U.S.A
Int'l Ph: 1 919 872 3020

Further information re battery life (Aug 2006)
My experience has now shown that it is false economy to use anything but true name-brand SLA batteries in these units. 
While initial cost may be higher, reliability of service leaves all other "equivalents" for dead !
Early failure rate on non-name-brand cells was nearly 22% whereas name-brand is less than 2% for equivalent quantities and time in the field.

Lead prices continue to rise (June 2008)
As with everything these days, prices continue to rise.
Despite the strength of the Aussie dollar against the US dollar, major increases in lead prices have continued to push battery prices up even more.

Knowing the current new price of these UPS units, and at the risk of doing myself out of business,
I am forced to increase the price of my refurbished units just to make it worth my time.

I have updated the following table with the most accurate new-unit information I can find,
and although the difference is less, it seems there is still justification for continuing to source and refurbish these units.

Update on availability of 2nd-hand UPS's - June 2008
- out of stock
3kVA UPS - out of stock
2200VA UPS - out of stock
14/1500VA (Deltec/Compaq/Powerware) UPS - IN stock
1200VA / 600VA UPS - no-longer carry or refurbish

Current refurbishment prices - June 2008

"" Resell
Equiv Unit
New Price
"" GST Inclusive
3kVA & 5kVA P.O.A. P.O.A.  
2200VA $110 $750 $1,161 ~ $1,355
1400~1500VA $ 95 $350 $882 ~ $1,123
  Resell "As-is" c/w service check and report covering;
Battery duration under load, Cutover/Cutback, Boost/Buck & Control interface
2200VA $140
1400VA $ 105

NB *** You automatically get the full check and report with any battery refurbishment. ***

10% discount on 2 or 3 unit orders

20% discount on orders of 4 units or more
10% discount for repeat customers

Full 12mnth warranty on batteries, units, and labour.

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All enquiries, please click this animation
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Please Note;
Technology Tamed ® now has a fully equipped workshop to load-test, functionality check and battery refurbish UPS units.
So far I have provided full health-check reports and refurbishments on around 142 of these UPS's

Also Note:
All units are now safety Tested and Tagged to comply with Australian Electrical regulation.

Please advise me of your interest (or of any colleagues who may be interested)
in purchasing some of these 2nd-hand units, and I will be in-touch with greater detail.

Just a little bit of history while we're at it ... direct from the source ....

Deltec was purchased by Fiskars (FPS - Helsinki)
FPS was purchased by Exide
Exide was purchased by BTR (London) and the product line was re-named to "Powerware"
BTR then merged with Seibe (London) to become "Invensys"

So to sum it all up "Invensys" is the parent company for all the others now !

Latest info to hand is that Invensys also own the SOLA product range too.

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