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I no longer maintain this page
It is retained for interest reasons only
- November 2002 -

I have found a much better way to make good money !
Since Draw 1839 the Randomness graph has been showing a strong downward trend
This has again proven that during these times number selection is VERY random

Background to this page

Over a period of years I have performed countless hours of data analysis and trials on Australian Lotto gaming.

I have found some interesting results including the ability to significantly enhance your odds.

This is possible by the use of several commercially available lotto software applications in conjunction with a process I have personally created derived from findings which the author of one of those packages presents in her books.

In brief, my findings (relating specifically to Australian Gold Lotto) are these;

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The unfortunate part to all this is that I discovered much of this information (through regressive analysis) as the randomness analysis was dropping into one of the "more random" cycles, so I am currently reduced to using about 22 of the 45 numbers and achieving between 3 and 6 of the 8 numbers on a regular basis.

updated.gif 28th March 2000
For FORTY-THREE weeks now from Draw #1839 to Draw #1925, the "WinLotto 98" randomness graph has been trending consistently DOWNWARDS.
This has again proven my earlier findings correct in-that I have consistently had 4 or more numbers PLUS one or both supps during the preceeding UPWARD trend but almost no success (max 3 numbers INCLUDING supps !) in this last downward trend.
It looks as if it may have started to trend upward once again so lets again see what happens if the trend has turned.
(See the "Randomness Graph" details below)

The catch to all this is that even having reduced the volume of numbers which you have to work with, you still have to wheel them together in the right combination of 4 or better to win a worthwhile prize !!

So far I am still not a wealthy man !!
Quite the contrary in fact !
I would be a LOT more wealthy if I had NOT been playing lotto for the last several years !


I am prohibited from displaying this new option for playing lotto and keeping your costs at a minimum.
For more information ... e-mail me.


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Data Analysis

Last updated August 1999
I will periodically update my analysis charts to which I have provided links on this page, in case anyone else is interested.
I have recently purchased the updated version of Gail Howard's software,"Smart Luck Advantage Plus".
Because this version now incorporates much of the selection process found in my spreadsheets through Gail's
"Smart Picks"TM, I am no longer maintaining the spreadsheets.
They are retained here for reference only.

I have instead written a Visual Basic application which takes the output of Gail's "Advantage Plus" program and re-formats it to the format of the latest Lotto Factory program "WinLotto 98" to allow the use of the more powerful number-selection and game-optimization processes of Gail's program to be passed on to "WinLotto 98" for it's superior game-reduction processes and coupon printing abilities.

Some screen-shots of my VB application.
WL98 Parser Main screen WL98 Parser File Save screen

Viewing any of the following spreadsheets is best done,
using Microsoft Excel version 97

NOTE - I last updated any of these in January 1999

Start of Lotto (1985) to present time ... Randomness graph 1985 to present time

January 1996 to present time ... Randomness graph Jan 1996 to present time

November 1997 to present time ... updated.gif Last updated - 28th March 2000
Randomness graph November 1997 to present time

[Personal observation in relation to Australian Saturday Gold Lotto has shown the graph is actually inverted !]
[This is to say, that when the graph plots BELOW the 0 line, numbers are MORE random (less predictable) ]
[while ABOVE the 0 line they are LESS random (more predictable) !]

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If you have found this page of interest and either want more information or have information to share, please e-mail me by clicking on this icon.