The Easy No-fuss Garage Sale


Are you thinking of having a cleanout of the house, garage or shed, and you've often thought you'd like to try and sell some of your disused and unwanted "junk" ?

Well if you've ever tried your hand at this before, you'll have learned several things about a garage sale.

1. One person's trash IS another person's treasure !
In other words, you CAN successfully clear out unwanted items and turn them into cash by holding a garage sale.

But there are some down-sides . . .

2. It COSTS money to advertise
You will have also found that it cost's money to advertise a garage sale in a local newspaper.
LOTS of money if you want to detail each major item you want to sell !
Worse though, there is NO ASSURANCE that you will enough used items to recoup that advertising money.

3. You cannot "target" your buyers
Because it costs too much to itemise everything you will be selling, you cannot "catch the attention" of potential buyers of your particular items so those people may never even make it to your garage.

4. You'll have competition
 If you do advertise,  you will have found out that your newspaper ad is competing with lots of other people's "sell used item" adverts,
 all offering the same thing . . . a junk sale !

5. The weather may be a problem
If you have so much stuff to
clearout, you may be forced to display it out of doors.  That's fine if the weather is fine too, but what if the day turns out wet or you get a sudden storm blows in ?

6. There must be someone on-site
You can't just "set-and-forget" a garage sale.
You have to have someone there THE WHOLE TIME to show people things, explain the condition of items and haggle with them over the price before finally (maybe) accepting some cash for the item(s) and dishing out the change.

7. Running out of change
Speaking of which. How much "float" cash do you have to start with ?
What happens when the first five buyers all give you $50 or $100 notes and expect change ?
It doesn't leave much for those that follow on does it !

  • So . . . the day has been "successful"

  • You've earned enough to recoup your advertising costs.

  • You've had buyers who DID want YOUR items

  • You've had enough prospective buyers despite all those other competing garage sales

  • The weather was kind to you

  • Your day spent "tied to the garage" was worthwhile

  • You DIDN'T  have any cash-shortage problems ... in-fact, quite the opposite ... you've wound up with HUNDREDS of dollars cash !

8. Ooops ! Carrying a lot of cash
It's Saturday or Sunday ... all the banks are shut.
You've got all this cash, hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars of cash, just sitting around waiting for an opportunistic thief, or worse, an organised criminal, to look up all the garage sales and target the homes that held them, just to scoop the cash !

9. Security in general
Safety and Security are very real issues these days!
You may have stuff stolen from the junksale -
possibly even the whole cash-box

A  friend had that happen to them.
They were occupied with a customer
and when they went to give that person change,
WOE ! The cash-tin had gone,
never to be seen again !

Public liability is also something most people never even think about, yet just assume you live on an uneven property, maybe with stairs, loose gravel on the drive, thorny Rose bushes in the garden even.
Now-days you only have to have someone slip and injure themselves, or get an infection from an injury sustained on your property, and YOU ARE PROBABLY LIABLE for all their medical expenses !

SO - What's an alternate and MUCH smarter option ?

Very VERY simple !
You might have even heard people talking
about their experiences with it!

EBay !

You can be as sceptical as you like, (as I was originally)
but the reality is this:-

  • Using EBay overcomes ALL of the above hassles (every single one)

  • You DO NOT have to be "computer literate" to use it
    (If you are reading this page then you're "literate" enough)

  • It's VERY easy and now VERY SAFE to receive payments

  • The EBay sales process offers protection from fraud for both YOU the seller AND for the buyer.

  • You can specify that the buyer needs to arrange transport, or you can add a shipping charge to the items.

  • You CAN sell almost ANYTHING through EBay
    (provided it's legal !).
    I haven't done it personally, but I have a friend who has even sold several cars through EBay !

So do yourself a service . . .

GIVE   IT   A   GO !

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